Under $500 Price for the Best Electric Guitar Ratings

best electric guitar 03Many sought-after electric guitars tend to disappoint the fans with their expensive price. This makes high-quality electric guitar seems out of reach. You might even think about the dreamy electric guitar used by the favorite band and remember how successful they’ve become with it, mixing the feeling of depression and motivation toward the choice for buying high-quality electric guitar. Luckily, many brands on the market have provided guitarists with quality electric guitars for an explosive performance, and many of them will spare your expense. Indeed, what you need for such sought-after electric guitars are only two: Skill and $500.

This is not a joke; high-quality electric guitars can be affordable, too. These best electric guitar ratings under $500 will prove you that much. The first electric guitar on the list is ESP-LTD EC-256, a solid guitar with plain awesome quality. LH active pickups of this guitar have the design of ESP, in addition to the jumbo-frets extra and 22-fret fingerboard. Simple and clan tone will be the staple of EC-256. Another quality feature worthy to note is the pure black mahogany body, topped with rosewood fingerboard. In the end, EC-256 will make a perfect choice for a modern and fast guitar, all with affordable price.

A more high-end choice for an affordable electric guitar is Epiphone Les Paul. While the appearance is similar to the Gibson guitar, Epiphone is a totally different electric guitar with unique and quality features. The sound quality of Epiphone brings other expensive electric guitars to shame, to the point where even several guitarists will leave their expensive guitars for the cheaper and more exciting Epiphone. With maple veneer on the body and extra finish to the whole appearance, you will fall in love with Epiphone real hard. Eventually, Epiphone remains as the best choice for a low-budget and smart guitarist.