The Best Massage Table Reviews by BestMassage

best massage table r03If you are a masseur, a portable massage table is something you definitely need. This product is difficult to come by. Fortunately, BestMassage is a massage table manufacturer. It produces a certain product that is not only portable, but also economical. It has plenty of features. Besides suitable for professional masseur, it is also recommended for therapist and people who want to learn to be a therapist. If you compare this product to other massage table, you will find several benefits. Aside from the economical and portability aspect, it also has sturdy structure. Therefore, it will be able to accommodate heavy patient up to 450 lb.

In the following best massage table reviews, we will discuss about the specification. Material used for the massage table is high quality one. It is not only able to give enough support, but also durable. It has two different parts. Lower part is the main structure. It consists of foldable legs and metal structure to support the upper part. Meanwhile, upper part of this table uses tender upholstering. Besides offers comfort, it also has a face cradle where a patient can put his or her head on it. A free premium case is also available in the package. When it is not being used, you can fold and store it in a storage.

Meanwhile when it is being used, the dimension of the product is 73 by 28 inch. You can adjust the height from 24 inch up to 33 inch according to your need. However, when being folded, the size is only 37.5 x 29.2 x 8.2 inches. In order to make patient more comfortable, foam deck in high density is available. It only comes with black color. If you want to bring this product at home, you need to spend $79.89. You do not have to be worried about shipment cost since it is free of charge.