Best Rowing Machine Reviews – 4 Top Machines to Invite to Your Home

best rowing machine reviews 02Regular exercise seems to be a must to keep our health. Especially for cardiovascular workout, it is good to have indoor rowing machine with you that you can work with it. In addition to the cardiovascular workout, there are some other benefits of working with this machine, such as strengthening the major muscle groups, burning more calories, and toning the body. Working with this machine is noted as a low impact exercise which is as challenging as any other high impact exercises.

We have picked some best rowing machine and review them here. Concept2 Model D indoor is an air rower that is so popular. It is structured expertly and completed with ergonomic design that guarantees comfort. For the resistance, it features air baffles. In addition, it also features PM5 monitor to display the data and to calculate the drag factor. The next one of the best rowing machine reviews is for the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine. It has spectacular design with gentle wood accent. It is excellently tuned and hand crafted. This water resistance machine features flywheel with two paddles. The interesting thing exercising with this machine is that the harder you pull the paddles, the more dense water you feel.

Stamina ATS Air Rower offers a bunch of benefits without paying more money. Compared to other machines, it is more cost friendly. Unique, this machine features wind resistance. It serves the users with smooth workout. In addition, the folded design that enables one to easily port it, the attached wheels, and the monitor become the reasons why one need to have it at home. The last is the Velocity Exercise CHR-2001. Different from the other machines, it works with magnetic resistance so that it has very smooth workout. It features computer programs, heart-rate monitor, and easy to assemble design that make it special.